Facility Information and Rates

For Short or Long-Term rentals, contact:

Don Frantz, Town Square Productions

165 West 86th Street, Suite 2, New York, NY 10024

(212)-997-7284 or


Facilities for Rent / Prices based on Facility Needs, Length of Engagement and Time of Year.  


  • Event Space for private parties, corporate events, receptions

Palace Lobby, Display Area, Coat Check, Concessions, Restrooms, Catering Prep Room, Box Office Desk


  • 1700 Seat Auditorium for Speaking Presentations, Film, Production

audience right aisle

  • Main Stage (without Auditorium) for private parties, corporate events, production

Stage Fly System, Lights, Sound, Catering Prep Area, Production Offices

Exhibit - cafe space

  • Main Stage with Auditorium-Concerts, Corporate Events, Productions, Seminars

1700 seats and total facility access

Interior 1

  • Business Offices for short or long term rental

Up to 4 furnished offices, Conference Room, and Kitchenette

backstage production office

  • Backstage as needed for any rental noted above.

Backstage dressing rooms, Laundry Room, Green Room, Kitchenette, Bathroom/Showers

chorus Dressing Room 2

  • 200 Vehicle Parking Lot for Parking, Auctions, Markets, Displays, etc.



A Technical Page is available on request with a list of available light and sound package which is limited. Tenants should expect to enhance the house systems with your own equipment or rentals.

A Technical Package will list fly system and stage equipment as well. There are construction plans which you may download, but no CAD drawings are available.

To Schedule a Site Survey of the venue, please email